Wool Couture

Lisa and  were lucky enough to go along to the Wool Couture shop opening about 10 days ago, it took us quite a while to get there as the traffic was horrendous! It was well worth the trip though, the shop is beautiful and full of lots of beautiful things! (I really need one of those huge yarn balls to sit in the corner of my craft room!

I actually managed to curb my spending and only bought this really cute Christmas pudding wreath kit.


We then travelled back to the shop on the Saturday as we had booked ourselves in for a macrame workshop! Lisa spotted that Mrs G had booked on and quite fancied going too, so we did and it was absolutely fab! It’s something I’ve never tried before but I really enjoyed it, we all opted to make a wall hanging and could choose whatever colour we fancied (I, of course went for pink).

It took a little while to get used to the knots, I had a real issue doing one of them but Claire was such a patient tutor and kept coming back to show me over and over until I managed to crack it!


Lisas Daughter Abby joined us for the workshop and as usual she took to it really easily and raced a head of the both of us, she even put her own spin on things and finished hers differently! Abby an I both opted for pink, Lisa on the other hand went for grey.


We finished the workshop by enjoying a nice cup of tea and a HUGE scone made by David (Claires son), they smelled so good I don’t think anyone actually took a photo of them. We smothered them with jam and enjoyed them with a cup of tea and a natter.

When I got home I told Paul all about the workshop and showed him my hanging, he’s decided he’d like to go on one of the workshops so it looks like I’ll be booking another one soon!


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Lynda-Rose xx


Relax, Unwind & Crochet – The September Crochet Sanctuary

As usual it has taken me a while to do a little write up about the most recent crochet sanctuary… but here it is!

Lisa and I decided on a bit of a magical theme for the weekend so we kicked it off on Friday with a Mabel Bunny from Wool Couture!


We placed all the kits on the sofas ready and waiting for our guests to claim, we had lots of excited ladies I can tell you! The kits are so beautiful and the yarn is to die for! We all had a little start before going for our evening meal in the restaurant,

Saturday morning came around and after going for breakfast we went into our first workshop of the day – making a hot water bottle cover! (we also handed out our goody bags at this point, containing the hot water bottle to fit in the cover)

Lisa designed a gorgeous grey cover with tiny butterflies, I went for bright blue with stars. We carried on with this until we went for lunch and then we came back to an fantastic workshop with Heather from Keep Calm and Crochet On UK ! We give our guest designers free range on what the do and Heather designed an awesome cat amigurumi called Relaxing Ralph. He fit in with the vibe of the sanctuary puuuuurfectly!


Because of the chunkiness of the yarn used alot of people managed to get Ralph finished before the end of the weekend which allowed for a plenty of photo opportunities. Considering we all followed the same pattern each Ralph looked different and had it’s own personality so everyone managed to easily identify their Ralph after group shots!

Sunday at the sanctuary tends to be my favourite day (even though I’m sad it’s coming to the end of the weekend). It’s just so relaxed with everyone working on whatever they fancy, it’s very chilled out. As always we had a fantastic weekend of returning faces and meeting fab new friends, I’ll add some of my fave photos to the slideshow below so check it out!

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Lynda-Rose xx

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Birthday visit to Toft

A couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip with Lisa to Toft. She booked us on the Chablis the Unicorn workshop for my birthday, how awesome is that!!


It’s over 2 hours drive away and we got there extra early so we could have a good look around the shop and have a visit with the alpacas, but typical British weather meant it was raining so we decided against the 45 minute walk!

We spent ages looking at all the different animals before the workshop started, squishing the yarn and stroking pompoms.

Once we were seated in the workshop space (which is situated in the corner of the shop) we met the lady running the workshop and found out that the workshop wasn’t just for Chablis, there was people making horses and Alpacas too. Some of the guests had booked on to do one thing but decided to swap to something easier and some people were upgrading their yarn from DK to aran (we decided to stick to DK), all in all this took just over 30 minutes so whilst we waited to get our pattern so we could start we took pics of the animals above us in parachutes and the GIANT giraffe behind us

Once we all started crocheting the room went very quiet whilst we sorted our increases, as soon as people started doing rounds with no increases we started chatting again! I think I managed about 14 rounds in total as we stopped towards the end of the workshop for tea and cake, we were then handed a cute tote bag to carry our yarn home in and that was the end of the workshop.

I’m super busy at the moment working on our new Knitcraft CAL and an amigurumi design for Marriners but I hope to find the time to finish my lovely Chablis before the September Crochet Sanctuary comes around!

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Lynda-Rose xx


Friday round up 27/07/2018

Happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

Last Saturday at Hobbycraft the crochet group organised a little birthday celebration as it was my birthday on the 18th and it will soon be Abby and Debs birthdays on the 29th (Lisa and Abby wont be at group this Saturday so it was brought forward into one super celebration!!) I got lots of lovely presents including a fantastic Toft workshop in August from Lisa! How awesome is that! I also got to give Abby the amigurumi I made for her, she’s all about bees so I made her one using two strands of DK so it’s pretty big!

I’ve also been working on my Grinda shawl, I had intended to have part two finished on Wednesday ready to start part three but I was distracted by the arrival of my Little Box of Crochet. I know that once I fall behind with something I tend to lose interest for a while so I am hoping I can crack on and be ready for part four when it’s released.


So I managed to finish my Little Box of Crochet the same day it arrived! This is a first for me as I’m usually a bit slow with things but I was really enjoying it. It’s a cute little clutch bag that will be perfect for using at The Crochet Sanctuary to take my phone and bits down to the restaurant. I don’t know happened to my tension but I think the flap is supposed to be the same size as the bag body, I still love it though. I quite like to put my own spin on things so I decided to add a flower to the flap…


…and I also managed to add a lining!


It turns out I can actually do a straight line on the sewing machine, who knew! I’m hoping to get better at this sewing thing, I’ve started to make a zipper pouch although I did throw it across the room after sewing the lining fabric the wrong way round!

This morning I started making a granny stripe baby blanket after being told the Neonatal Unit in Warrington are running short. It’ll be a good project for group tomorrow as it doesn’t take much concentration. The yarn is James C Brett baby marble (chosen so I don’t have to bother with colour changes!) I’m hoping it will work up speedily so I can start another one. They only need them to be 20 inch square so should be quick!


That’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by!

Lynda-Rose xx

Friday round up 13/07/2018

Happy Friday!

This week has really flown by I think. Last Saturday was a really quiet week at crochet group, only myself, Lisa, her daughter Abby and Deborah. So Lisa suggested we go on a road trip to Blackpool so we could visit Mrs Johnsons Emporium! OMG what heaven this shop is!

There’s lots of yarn bombing on the streets around the shop, with crochet flowers in baskets on the shop front. Inside is a treasure trove of all things crafty, I was in awe of the amount of buttons!

They have such an amazing selection of yarns and lots of bits and in the store to look at including a HUGE animal head!

I was very well behaved and only bought two balls of yarn, I fell in love with this colour and after chatting to Lisa I decided it would be perfect to make a Lalylala doll. It made me think of a babies onesie in this shade so I’m going to make a custom Lalylala with little slippers, a onesie and maybe a teeny tiny lovey to go with it! Was such an awesome place to visit and I’ll be visiting again for sure.

I’ve managed quite a bit of crochet this week! I finished my Granny Square project for the Hobbycraft blog, now that it’s been posted I can actually share photos! It took a while to complete as it’s made up of 60 squares measuring 7.5inches each! I made it with The Crochet Sanctuary in mind, I think it would be perfect to nap on in front of the fire at Christmas!

And finally… I started a Virus Shawl for myself! I wont be making it very big as I plan on wearing it as a scarf  like the one that Pauls sister Sue made me for Christmas. I’m using Stylecraft Cabaret in Rainbow (though I think it’s more of a peacock colour!) I’ve also worked a little bit on my Liula Scarf, I’m not very far on with it but I love it to far. (Using a Scheepjes Whirl in Lemon Cassis Cream)

Tomorrow is Knitcraft social day at Hobbycraft Warrington, I’m pretty sure there wont be any impromptu road trips!

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Lynda-Rose xx