Friday round up 13/07/2018

Happy Friday!

This week has really flown by I think. Last Saturday was a really quiet week at crochet group, only myself, Lisa, her daughter Abby and Deborah. So Lisa suggested we go on a road trip to Blackpool so we could visit Mrs Johnsons Emporium! OMG what heaven this shop is!

There’s lots of yarn bombing on the streets around the shop, with crochet flowers in baskets on the shop front. Inside is a treasure trove of all things crafty, I was in awe of the amount of buttons!

They have such an amazing selection of yarns and lots of bits and in the store to look at including a HUGE animal head!

I was very well behaved and only bought two balls of yarn, I fell in love with this colour and after chatting to Lisa I decided it would be perfect to make a Lalylala doll. It made me think of a babies onesie in this shade so I’m going to make a custom Lalylala with little slippers, a onesie and maybe a teeny tiny lovey to go with it! Was such an awesome place to visit and I’ll be visiting again for sure.

I’ve managed quite a bit of crochet this week! I finished my Granny Square project for the Hobbycraft blog, now that it’s been posted I can actually share photos! It took a while to complete as it’s made up of 60 squares measuring 7.5inches each! I made it with The Crochet Sanctuary in mind, I think it would be perfect to nap on in front of the fire at Christmas!

And finally… I started a Virus Shawl for myself! I wont be making it very big as I plan on wearing it as a scarf  like the one that Pauls sister Sue made me for Christmas. I’m using Stylecraft Cabaret in Rainbow (though I think it’s more of a peacock colour!) I’ve also worked a little bit on my Liula Scarf, I’m not very far on with it but I love it to far. (Using a Scheepjes Whirl in Lemon Cassis Cream)

Tomorrow is Knitcraft social day at Hobbycraft Warrington, I’m pretty sure there wont be any impromptu road trips!

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Lynda-Rose xx


Beaded drink covers

My lovely friend Lady Deborah mentioned in passing that she wanted a cover to protect her drink from bugs when she crochets outside. As she had arranged for a few of us from our crochet group to have a day with our hooks and wips in her garden I thought it might be nice to crochet up a simple pattern so we could make some whilst we were relaxing!


You will need:

4ply cotton yarn – we used Yarn and Colors must have minis (one ball makes one cover with a little left over)

4mm crochet hook

16 beads (any beads will work so long as it has a little weight to it and will thread onto your yarn)

Yarn needle


Ch – Chain

Dc – Double crochet

Tr – Treble crochet

Slst – Slip stitch

Adding beads

When instructed to add a bead pull one down as close to your work as you can and ch1 to secure it.


Thread 16 beads onto your yarn, using your 4mm hook make a magic ring

Round 1 – Ch3 (counts as a tr), tr x11 into ring. Join with a slst into top of the initial ch3 (12tr)

Round 2 – Ch3 (counts as a tr), tr into st at base of ch. Tr x2 in each st around. Join with a slst into top of the initial ch3 (24tr)

Round 3 – Ch3 (counts as a tr), tr in the next st, tr x2 in next st. *Tr in the next 2 sts, tr x2 in the next st. Rep from * until the end of the round, join with a slst into the top of the initial ch3. (36tr)

Round 4 – Ch3 (counts as a tr), tr in the next 2 sts, tr x2 in the next st. *Tr in the next 3 sts, tr x2 in the next st. Rep from * until the end of the round, join with a slst into the top of the initial ch3. (48tr)

Round 5 – Ch1 (does not count as a st), dc in the next st. *Ch5, skip 2 sts, dc in the next st. Rep from * until the end of the round. Join with a slst into the first dc of the round.

Round 6 – Slst into the first 2 chs of the initial ch5 from previous round, dc into the third ch. *Ch5, dc into the third ch of next ch5. Rep from * until the end of the round (omit the last dc). Join with a slst into first dc of the round.

Round 7 – Ch1 (does not count as a st), *dc x2 into the first ch5 space of previous round, ch3, add bead, ch3, dc x2 into the same ch5 space. Rep from * into each ch5 space. Join with a slst into first dc of round.

Fasten off yarn and sew in any loose ends.

So simple and very quick to make! You could easily make them bigger to cover other things, you’d just need to thread extra beads on and work out the spacing 🙂 If you decide to make one please tag me in on Instagram so I can see it and use the hashtag #lyndascraftroom

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Lynda-Rose xx

June Crochet Sanctuary

As always it has taken me a little time to do a write up of our most recent Sanctuary. What an amazing time we had!

On the Friday evening we greeted our weekend guests and had a little ice breaker – Lisa came up with the great idea of drawing our guilty pleasures… As you can imagine it was hilarious! I went with my usual ‘love of Dolly Parton’ and I hate to think what the hotel staff thought when they saw my drawing in the flip chart. After that we went straight into our evening workshop before going to the restaurant for our evening meal, as always we returned to the Sanctuary for more crochet and prosecco! As much as I loved Friday night I just couldn’t wait for Saturday for so many reasons!

Sooo Saturday! As Lisa and I had decided to run a teapot cosy workshop in the morning we decided to give it an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme! I love Alice in Wonderland (and dressing up in general lol) so I had the bright idea of wearing some bunny ears and to sneak out the other door to hop around and greet our day guests! Lisa stayed in the room to open the door and welcome the day and weekend guests wearing The Mad Hatters hat (she managed to whip it off before I managed to get a photo!)


As everyone trooped in we handed out the gift bags (they contained lots of little treats and a 2 cup tea pot that we were making cosies for! We stayed up late to dress the room including a table set up for the tea party featuring both teapot designs, crochet cakes and the odd real cake thrown in!


After a lovely lunch we had our guest designer workshop with the lovely Lynne Rowe from The Woolnest. She taught us how to make our crochet mindful and how to work with colour. She started by talking about mindfulness and how to chill ourselves out and relax which was great… apart from the fact she has such a lovely soothing voice that made me want to have a little nap lol. I managed to shake it off and enjoy looking at colours and seeing how they made me feel, of course I was drawn to all the gaudy bright colours!


As always we were sad when the day guests left, we’re sure they had a fantastic time though! We spent the evening working on whatever we fancied from earlier in the day or the night before.


Sunday seemed to roll around too quickly, some guests carried on with previous projects whilst some tried the raffia yarn project we had planned (Sunday is always a very chill day) The day seems to end so quickly, we did manage to get outside for a group photo (which we wish we had done on Saturday!) I also managed to get pics of Lady Deborah in the giant deck chair!

As always we had a wonderful weekend full of returning faces and wonderful new friends that we hope to see again soon!

I’ll add some more fab pics in a slideshow below, check it out.

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Lynda-Rose xx

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Friday round up 25/05/2018

Happy Friday!

This week seems to have flown past in a blink. I’ve started making some teeny tiny granny squares using some DMC Natura I’ve had in my stash for a while. I do have a plan for them and will need to make a fair few so this is going to be a bit of an ongoing project.


I put the granny squares on hold yesterday because my Little Box of Crochet arrived! It is absolutely beautiful this month, I made a start on it yesterday so hopefully I’ll be able to post about it at some point in the week.

I really love using Yarn and Colors Must Have! I have quite a collection of the Minis in my craft room (an impulse purchase a while back as I just thought they looked adorable!) I generally use them to make appliques and things, very handy. The colour used for the cute cup is really lovely.

So that’s it for this week! Tomorrow is Knitcraft social day at Hobbycraft Warrington so I will try and remember to take some photos of what’s going on. My brother flies back from Ecuador this evening and will be staying with us tonight and tomorrow before going home Sunday so I wont be getting in much crafting time this weekend!

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Lynda-Rose xx

Friday round up 18/05/2018

Friday again!

This morning I posted the bonus patterns for The Water Garden CAL myself and The Wee House of Crochet designed for Knitcraft/Hobbycraft. I was desperate to make mine in shades of pink (I am so a pink girl) but I behaved myself and used the left overs from the blanket.

rsz_32807557_10161190494990347_3265193271252484096_n (1)

It’s a surprisingly roomy bag and will be fab to carry WIPs around, I’m going to gift this one to my friend Deborah and then make myself one in pinks. I decided against lining it as the holes in the daisy block are pretty small.

I also managed to start a pair of ballerina slippers by Heart Hook Home, they are so cute and everyone seems to be making them at the minute! I’m doing a practice one in some left over Caron Simply soft then I’ll choose something colourful to make myself a pair.

I think they’d make very cute Christmas gifts, is it acceptable to make your family and friends send you their foot measurements!

I’ve also been working on patterns for The Crochet Sanctuary, I’m very much in love with what we have been working on for the Saturday morning! I really wish I could share a photo because it’s so awesome but I really don’t want to ruin the surprise. It will be a whimsical weekend!


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Lynda-Rose xx