Stephen the Sheep wandering around Wigg Island



The sky was so clear and bright this morning that I thought it would be a perfect day to take out first walk of the year 🙂 One of our favourite places to walk (and by our I mean my other half AKA Lurch and I) is Wigg Island in Runcorn. It has bird hides that look over the Mersey, you can usually see many ducks, moorhens and swans on the canal and it even has a Troll Trail with awesome wooden carvings. All in all it’s a great walk and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take my recently finished Heidi Bears Shoop the Sheep for some nice daylight photos. (I say recently, he’s been finished for a couple of months now. I just haven’t taken any decent photos of him. I’ve called him Stephen as he doesn’t look like a ‘Shoop’)

sheep3I’m sure people though I was crazy walking around with a camera and a crochet sheep but I really didn’t care, I would of taken many more photos of him in weird places but it was a little frosty! I did manage to take a couple of pics of him on the troll trail.



Thanks for stopping by

Lynda-Rose xx


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