Granny squares and colour decisions


I had a lovely long phone conversation with my sister last week all about crochet! She has recently taken up her hook again to make herself a snowflake square blanket and we spent ages on the phone talking about what I’ve been making, how she is getting on and generally reminiscing about things our mum used to make ‘back in the day’. My mum taught me to crochet when I was five, I only learned how to chain and make a granny square before I lost interest but I did pick it back up on and off during my childhood.

I still have a huge blanket my mum made for my bed when I was about ten, it’s made from granny squares all sewn together with a nice simple border around it. From the day she gifted it to me it was always on my bed, either in use or folded at the bottom. It moved with me from Penrith to Liverpool and then here to Widnes, sadly it’s all packed away now and rarely used. It’s getting on a bit and it would devastate me if it became damaged so I only get it out on the odd occasion to curl up and read in it 🙂

Petra told me that she finds granny squares quite boring and if she decides to make another blanket after this one she’ll need some suggestions from me and it got me thinking about the fact I haven’t made a granny square since picked my hook back up as an adult (weird right!). I do love starting new projects when I’ve already got too many on the go as it is so I started making some squares out of Hayfield Baby Sparkle dk in Fancy Pansy, I Lilac Your Style and Vanilla Ice.


I don’t have many squares left to do now as it’s baby blanket sized so I’m hoping to have them joined and a border added by the weekend and then maybe I’ll start the next project I have my eye on! Every Saturday morning I go to a crochet group at Hobbycraft Warrington, it’s run by Lisa from Wee House of Crochet. She has recently started The Star of Wonder blanket from Crystals and Crochet  and I’m in love with it (both the blanket and the colours Lisa has chosen!) I’ve been playing around with what colours I’d like to use and I think I’ve made my decision, initially I was going to do it brights and black but I *think* these are the colours I’m going with….


Thanks for stopping by, any opinions on the colour combo are welcomed!

Lynda-Rose xx


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