Beautiful Caron Cakes


I thought I was pleased when I saw that Caron Cakes were coming to Hobbycraft… not half as pleased as I was when I saw they were going on the 3 for 2 offer! I decided not to order online and wait until I could squish them in store and I certainly wasn’t disappointed, they are lovely and soft.

I initially bought three so I could have a play with them (I chose Rainbow Sprinkles, Mixed Berry and Funfetti, the plan is to make scarves for Christmas gifts) but this morning Lurch asked me to pop to Hobbycraft Warrington with him so he could choose a cake as he wants a scarf too. Seen as he was paying I suggested he got two in his chosen colour so he can have a matching hat and I could have the free one! He chose Blueberry Cheesecake for him and he got me a Cherry Chip (pink is my fave colour after all)



Seen as he is working late this evening I decided to throw something in the slow cooker so I can sit this afternoon and start on his scarf. I wanted to make it something quite simple as I know he’ll never wear it if it’s too fussy so I decided on a simple treble infinity scarf, it’s working up really quick. I’m using a 6mm hook instead of the recommended 5mm as my tension is on the tight side, I know it will sit a bit rigid and not drape how I want it if I used the 5mm.



Thanks for stopping by

Lynda-Rose xx


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