Yarndale 2017


Today I went on a lovely road trip with Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet, her daughter and our friend Renika to Yarndale!

It was absolutely heaving (which I expected it to be!), the car parking situation was horrendous and disorganised but I really enjoyed browsing the stalls and seeing what Yarndale is all about. The decorations outside were really awesome too, I took loads of photos!

I didn’t actually buy anything in the end, though I didn’t go with any specific purchases in mind. I just hoped something would catch my eye (like a bag or a yarn bowl, I really didn’t want to feed the yarn stash!) but alas nothing grabbed my attention.


They had a gorgeous mandala on display, it’s a whopping 14 feet across. It’s called Hesters Giant Mandala and it was beautiful 🙂


Finally, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the gorgeous red Yarndale bus. This was after we had been on it all the way into Skipton, then back to Yarndale as we got on the wrong bus! We needed the orange one but of course we found this out a little too late! Typical!

Thanks for stopping by

Lynda-Rose xx



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