Relax, Unwind & Crochet – February Sanctuary

We actually did it! It’s taken me a couple of days to recover but boy did I have a fantastic weekend! It may have been exhausting but it was a truly fabulous event, I am rather proud of myself and Lisa.

I don’t think I can sit and write a blow by blow account of the weekend, partly because there was so much going on that I’m likely to miss all the good stuff! Also the best way to experience it would be to book yourself a weekend πŸ˜€

Some of my personal highlights (aside from meeting all of our fabulous guests) were the reactions to our Toft workshop (Toft kits just scream pure luxury to me, they are fantastic and many of the guests hadn’t tried one before). I loved meeting the people I have interacted with on social media in the flesh, especially Emily from Hobbycraft! So many emails have bounced back and forwards between us so it was really lovely to meet her. Oh my gosh I think the workshop by Coastal CrochetΒ was one of my favourite things ever! It was so nice after the Friday and the Saturday morning to actually sit myself down and relax whilst Eleonora took over the reins. I’ve never thought about crocheting around pebbles before but it was really fun (and they turned out so pretty!) Eleonora even had seaside themed music playing during the workshop, it was fantastic!

Lisa and I were also given a couple of lovely gifts from our guests which was very sweet! Amanda Bloom from Little Box of Crochet brought us a gorgeous flower basket and some of her fantastic candles for us and the other guests! I really can’t justify another subscription but it wouldn’t be wrong to subscribe my other half to her candle box right??? It was lovely seeing Amanda again and meeting the fabulous Moomaloom! Watching the two of them giggle and take selfies together is such a treat #friendshipgoals


Julia from Julia’s Creative Year gave us a notebook each with a fantastic hand drawn image on the front. How gorgeous is my beautiful cat! I love all stationery so I can’t wait to decide how to use this lovely book. I have to be honest, the prospect of using it is a little scary because I think it’s the nicest notebook I have ever owned! I’ll have to keep it for something super special, so finding a use may take me a little time πŸ˜€


Our lovely Tanya from What I Created Next gave us a lovely card, notebook and keyring. I do love a good unicorn so I can’t wait to use this cute little book!


Here’s a few photos from the weekend to enjoy!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Lynda-Rose xx

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