V stitch infinity scarf




5mm crochet hook

1 Caron Cake – colourway used is Cake Pop

Abbreviations and special stitches

st – stitch

ch – Chain

tr – Treble

V stitch – tr, ch1, tr in same space

Pattern notes

Gauge is not important for this project, your scarf will be approx 7.5 x 76 inches

As Caron Cakes have abrupt colour changes this will likely happen mid row, you can let it happen when it happens (as I have) or you can cut your yarn and rejoin to have the colour changes at the end of the row.



1. V stitch in the third ch from hook, *Skip 2 ch, V stitch. Rep from * a further 7 times. Tr in last st, turn. (9 V stitches total)

2. Ch3, V stitch in the ch1 space of the V stitches of the previous row, tr in the top of the chain from the beginning of previous row, turn.

Repeat row 2 until the you’ve used up the Caron Cake (leaving a tail for finishing off)


Sew the two ends of your scarf together using your yarn tail, sew in any loose ends.

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Christmas is… CAL completed

I can’t believe the second CAL I have designed with Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet is complete! We are starting to get some gorgeous photos of the blanket on our Facebook page and I couldn’t wait any longer to share some of them 🙂

There are so many beautiful colourways being posted as well as lots of the Happy Wishes & Snowflake Kisses bundle and the Crisp Skies & Full of Surprise bundle. So fantastic 😀

In other news we only have a couple of rooms left for The Crochet Sanctuary in February! What could be better than a weekend full of crochet, food, luxury accommodation and fun! It’s a perfect Christmas gift… even if you buy it for yourself! Drop us an email at hello@thecrochetsanctuary.co.uk for more info.

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Christmas is… the CAL is live!

I’m so excited that our new CAL for Knitcraft is live on the Hobbycraft blog! Myself and Lisa had so much fun designing it, even though we had a limited time to get it done! (this was because we had no intentions of doing a Christmas CAL this year but the lovely members of our Facebook group really wanted it!)

Hobbycraft have listed two different bundles on their website, Happy Wishes and Snowflake Kisses which is the colourway I chose and Crisp Skies and Full of Surprise which is the second colourway Lisa chose as there was an issue with one of the colours in her first choice. Her second choice is just as gorgeous though 🙂

We are so happy with the positive reactions to the CAL and we can’t wait to see progress pics!

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Christmas is… CAL

I’m so excited that the bundles for the new Knitcraft Christmas is… CAL have launched on the Hobbycraft website today. I had such fun designing this blanket with my crochet partner in crime Lisa.


There wont be any pictures of the CAL released until the first part of the pattern comes out on the 3rd of November, but I promise this graphic represents the blanket really well. I’m so excited! The CAL will be released in 6 parts so you have plenty of time to finish before Christmas!

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Crochetathon #daisiesforvicky

Yesterday was such a fantastic day! Lisa and I arrived at Hobbycraft Warrington just before the store opened to set the table up for the #daisiesforvicky crochetathon!


I had the fun job of joining all the squares as everyone else was adding to the daisy pile (that’s not me being sarcastic, I love joining!!) I almost managed to join one blanket between 9 and 6 so I still have quite a bit to do! Lisa is going to be adding the borders so once I’ve joined the squares that’s my job done 🙂



We had a lot of people stop by to see us, I especially loved meeting some of Vickys family and two people from the charity we were fundraising for (Victim Support). They sat with us for a while which was lovely! They also added to our chocolate stash which was so kind. It was such a fun positive day and we all had such a laugh, both Lisa and I are so grateful for everyone that has donated or sent us squares, for the ladies that came on the day and the staff at Hobbycraft Warrington for allowing us to be there the whole day. We had several people thank us for organising the event which felt a bit weird as we spent a whole day doing something we love! I can guarantee we will be doing another!


Whilst we were all sat around the table with out daisies Lisas gorgeous daughter Abby was wandering around the store collecting more donations, she did such a fantastic job. She also posed with the blanket for us as myself and Lisa really hate having our photos taken lol.

We still don’t have a full daisy count as I know there are still some on the way, once all of the blankets are done I’ll post again with pics, the final daisy amount and how much we have raised.

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