Samara the 4ply sheep


I’ve been trying my best to clear all my unfinished crochet objects in an attempt to be more organised! So far I’ve managed to complete two and trash three (no point in holding on to it if I don’t want to finish it, happily I managed to save most of the yarn used). So my first finish was another Heidi Bears Shoop, I made her in 4ply and have decided to call her Samara.


Stephen was the first Heidi Bears pattern I made (followed by a Fatty Lumpkin with unicorn mods), and I can see by looking at the two sheep how much I have improved with the join as you go, Samara looks an awful lot neater!


As you can see I had a lot of fun posing them together! I’d really like to make two more sheep, one in aran and one in chunky so I can make a tower of sheep.


Materials used:

  • 10mm safety eyes
  • Stylecraft Special 4ply in cream
  • Drops Delight in Rainbow Print
  • Grosgrain ribbon bows

I had to end with a big bum pic, just for you Lisa!

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Loose End

Plot 1

Well today I found myself at a bit of a loose end; my other half Lynda-Rose went off with Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet  to a last minute bargain crochet retreat in Thirsk. So I decided to pop down the allotment to see how my spuds were doing after all the rain we have had.

Potato Comparison

We decided to grow the spuds in Hadopots 37 litre bags; we got the idea from Monty Don on the Gardeners World show. We had previously planted into the raised beds but we kept missing the odd spud when harvesting.

In this method we placed a layer of compost in the bottom, added 4 seed potatoes and filled the bag half way with compost. Once the potatoes had grown through the compost we then filled the bags up, as they aren’t in the ground we’re having to keep a good eye on them…

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I was tagged in this post on Instagram by the lovely Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet, I love the idea of hanging up and giving out hearts to spread a little love in the wake of the awful tragedy that happened in Manchester, so I pulled out my hooks and yarn to make a few.


Like Beth says in the post below – it doesn’t make everything ok but it’s an act of kindness, I’m a firm believer of spreading love not hate so I spent a couple of hours creating hearts and thinking how lucky I am to have my Lurch, my family and my friends. (If you want to send some hearts the address is below too, they don’t have to be crochet)


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No craft, just photography…


The secret crochet project with Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet is coming along so well, but I still have nothing I can share! I’m spending 99% of my crafting time doing that so I haven’t really had anything to blog about… until now 🙂


Lurch had to pop to his allotment this evening to water his potatoes so I went along with my camera to snap a few photos. I spent a lot of time trying to capture bees on the Aquilegia flowers and Ladybirds on the Damson tree.

I’m trying to make more of an effort when taking photos, my usual method of point and snap doesn’t really show my crafty makes in the best light! Hopefully I’m showing improvement 🙂

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Finish! Erna the Strawberry from Lalylala


I have been crocheting like a mad woman recently but I haven’t been working on anything that I can share (it’s a bit of a secret project with the lovely Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet, and I’m so excited about it!). So I decided to take the Erna doll I finished a few weeks ago over to Wigg Island for some photos. I originally wanted to take pictures of her in the strawberry patch at my other halfs allotment, I have a whole scenario planned that I still might do, I just need to wait for the fruits to grow!


I really should of taken some close up photos of her to show off the beads sewn on as strawberry pips but I was having too much fun posing her (and entertaining the dog walkers who obviously thought I was crazy!)


Materials used:

8mm safety eyes

Stylecraft Special DK in Cream, Grass Green and Matador

2mm green rocailles and stuffing from Hobbycraft


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