Friday round up 18/05/2018

Friday again!

This morning I posted the bonus patterns for The Water Garden CAL myself and The Wee House of Crochet designed for Knitcraft/Hobbycraft. I was desperate to make mine in shades of pink (I am so a pink girl) but I behaved myself and used the left overs from the blanket.

rsz_32807557_10161190494990347_3265193271252484096_n (1)

It’s a surprisingly roomy bag and will be fab to carry WIPs around, I’m going to gift this one to my friend Deborah and then make myself one in pinks. I decided against lining it as the holes in the daisy block are pretty small.

I also managed to start a pair of ballerina slippers by Heart Hook Home, they are so cute and everyone seems to be making them at the minute! I’m doing a practice one in some left over Caron Simply soft then I’ll choose something colourful to make myself a pair.

I think they’d make very cute Christmas gifts, is it acceptable to make your family and friends send you their foot measurements!

I’ve also been working on patterns for The Crochet Sanctuary, I’m very much in love with what we have been working on for the Saturday morning! I really wish I could share a photo because it’s so awesome but I really don’t want to ruin the surprise. It will be a whimsical weekend!


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Lynda-Rose xx


Friday round up 11/05/2018

It’s Friday again, didn’t that roll around fast! I’ve had a busy week with Birthdays and my brother visiting so I haven’t had a great deal of crafting time. I’m still working on hexagons for the bonus pattern for The Water Garden CAL (the last part of the pattern was released this morning!) I’ve also been doing a little Decopatch on something for The Crochet Sanctuary in June, obviously I can’t share a picture until after the event, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!


I’ve been trying to do a row or two each day on this baby blanket I started a while a go, it’s been slow going but it’s about half way there now. I love this baby prints yarn from Knitcraft/Hobbycraft, it came in some beautiful colourways but has sadly been discontinued. I tried several different patterns with it but none of them worked with the way the colours change. I decided it needed something very simple to let the colours speak for them selves so decided to wing it and do a very basic filet crochet stripe. Once it’s completed I will write the pattern up on here with the finished size and chain length etc.


Yesterday Paul and I went for a walk at one of the local nature reserves (Wigg Island in Runcorn). As the sun was shining I decided to take Alice Bunny with me to take a few outside photos, I made her over Christmas so there wasn’t a chance to take some nice pics in the daylight. (Pattern is from the Hobbycraft blog). You’ll find more pics below 😀

So that’s it for another week, thank you for stopping by.

Lynda-Rose xx

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Friday round up 04/04/2018

I’ve come to realise I’m terrible at blogging when I don’t have a finished object to show off and a lot of the crafty things I’ve been doing lately I’ve been unable to show off for one reason or another.

That being said I’ve decided I’m going to start doing a weekly round up every Friday to document the crafty bits I’ve been doing each week (maybe this will shame me into finishing off more of the random little things I start then abandon)


So one of the things I’ve been playing with this week is a pattern for Junes Crochet Sanctuary using Scheepjes Soft fun. I obviously can’t share any pics of it as that would ruin the surprise for our guests but it’s my first time using this yarn and it’s yummy. Lisa has designed the base pattern for what we are doing and then we are both doing our own versions of it. This is part of the Saturday morning workshop so both the weekend and day guests will get to take part and make one or both versions if they want to!


I also managed to complete the basket from Aprils Little Box of Crochet designed by ATERGcrochet. I decided to go with the one big basket rather than two smaller ones (my theory being I could cram bigger things in this one) It’s the first time I’ve used Yarn and Colors Fabulous and it’s such a nice yarn to use, I think it would be great for lovely soft amigurumi so I might have to get some and have a play.


Lastly I have been working on a bonus pattern for The Water Garden CAL that is currently in it’s sixth week! Whenever I’ve had a spare couple of minutes I’ve been knocking out hexagons ready to assemble into something pretty. Lisa is also doing a bonus pattern so everyone will have options for using up all those leftovers. If you want to join in the fun our Facebook group can be found here.

So that’s it for this week, thank you for stopping by.

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April Crochet Sanctuary

So it’s taken me a little while to do a write up of the April Sanctuary but here it is!

We didn’t have to worry too much about getting plenty of photos as we had a photographer come in on the Saturday! Like most people I hate having my photo taken but Andy and Jo from Andy Mansell Photography were fantastic., and got some great shots of myself and Lisa with our Water Garden blanket and some great shots of the group as we crocheted.



On the Friday evening after introductions and we all settled down to open our Sophies Stools and have a good rummage in the box. Lisa and I then gave out gift bags for each weekend guest which included a nice little surprise… Sophies Universe books! Everyone loved the surprise and all the bits and bobs we included in the bags.

After a brief pause to pop to the restaurant we started on our stools and had a few glasses of prosecco, or locally sourced cordials for those that preferred it. All in all it was a fab first night!

Saturday began with a fantastic buffet breakfast before the day guests arrived. We spent a lovely morning crocheting with Three Bears Yarn and Knitcraft Home cotton. We made face cloths, scrubbies and pin cushions 🙂

After another trip to the restaurant (I swear all we do is squish yarn and eat eat eat!) we started a workshop with the phenomenal Amanda Bloom from Little Box of Crochet. She taught us Tunisian crochet which was fab as it’s something I’d never tried. We were all given our own special box with everything we needed and some adorable little bits and pieces that the boxes are known for.


I really struggled to get the hang of it at first, I had to get Amanda to fix it for me as I got in a right pickle (cue the unflattering shot of me making my attempt!)


It eventually clicked though so I’m happy! During the workshop we all grabbed the blankets and went outside to take a few crowd shots. The photographer suggested we through the blankets up in the air like a graduation shot. I threw my blanket a second early to try and make myself look less insane on the photo, instead my head got framed by a blanket lol. Lisa on the other hand….AMP_1276-Edit.jpg

She threw The Water Garden and managed to get it stuck in the tree! Of course the photographer kept shooting as everyone tried to get it down undamaged!


Eventually we got it down and we carried on with Amandas workshop until the day guests left at 6pm (with their gift bags!) The rest of the weekend went without a hitch which was fab.

We’ve now booked up for the rest of the year so we will soon start looking at dates for next year! See some of my fave pics from April below!

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Relax, Unwind & Crochet – February Sanctuary

We actually did it! It’s taken me a couple of days to recover but boy did I have a fantastic weekend! It may have been exhausting but it was a truly fabulous event, I am rather proud of myself and Lisa.

I don’t think I can sit and write a blow by blow account of the weekend, partly because there was so much going on that I’m likely to miss all the good stuff! Also the best way to experience it would be to book yourself a weekend 😀

Some of my personal highlights (aside from meeting all of our fabulous guests) were the reactions to our Toft workshop (Toft kits just scream pure luxury to me, they are fantastic and many of the guests hadn’t tried one before). I loved meeting the people I have interacted with on social media in the flesh, especially Emily from Hobbycraft! So many emails have bounced back and forwards between us so it was really lovely to meet her. Oh my gosh I think the workshop by Coastal Crochet was one of my favourite things ever! It was so nice after the Friday and the Saturday morning to actually sit myself down and relax whilst Eleonora took over the reins. I’ve never thought about crocheting around pebbles before but it was really fun (and they turned out so pretty!) Eleonora even had seaside themed music playing during the workshop, it was fantastic!

Lisa and I were also given a couple of lovely gifts from our guests which was very sweet! Amanda Bloom from Little Box of Crochet brought us a gorgeous flower basket and some of her fantastic candles for us and the other guests! I really can’t justify another subscription but it wouldn’t be wrong to subscribe my other half to her candle box right??? It was lovely seeing Amanda again and meeting the fabulous Moomaloom! Watching the two of them giggle and take selfies together is such a treat #friendshipgoals


Julia from Julia’s Creative Year gave us a notebook each with a fantastic hand drawn image on the front. How gorgeous is my beautiful cat! I love all stationery so I can’t wait to decide how to use this lovely book. I have to be honest, the prospect of using it is a little scary because I think it’s the nicest notebook I have ever owned! I’ll have to keep it for something super special, so finding a use may take me a little time 😀


Our lovely Tanya from What I Created Next gave us a lovely card, notebook and keyring. I do love a good unicorn so I can’t wait to use this cute little book!


Here’s a few photos from the weekend to enjoy!

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